Standby Servicing

Everyday offers standby servicing solutions to corporate clients and investors looking to mitigate the risk of primary servicer failure and the potential disruption to cash flows.

Having a credible standby servicing partner in place is viewed as an essential component by rating agencies when assessing risk on providers of credit. As a trusted and experienced standby servicer, we can deliver continuity of payment collection, arrears management and effective customer communications.

Everyday’s standby servicing provision – delivered across three stages – Cold, Warm and Hot – meets these needs in full, providing a complete service covering:

  • Local on-the-ground resources supported by a best-in-class proprietary CRM system;
  • Excellent Customer service standards which replicate or exceed the clients own;
  • Experience in the design and implementation of stand-by arrangements across pre-defined stages;
  • Ability to handle regular data feeds to keep critical portfolio information up to date in the event of any operational incident; and
  • A proven ability to mitigate the risks associated with any minor or major servicing failure.

To find out more about Everyday’s Standby Servicing solutions, please call us on: +353 91 7000 10 or email: