Information for AIB customers

We refer to the letter received by former AIB customers dated 31st January 2020 in which we informed you that Everyday had acquired your loan with effect from 17th Janary 2020 (the “Transfer Date”).

AIB will continue to manage your account in the short term (the “Transitional Period”) until that responsibility is fully transferred to Everyday Finance, who will manage your account through their agent, Asset Services.

During this period, please continue to make your payments to AIB, and if you have any queries about payments, please contact your current AIB relationship team on 01-6415347 or

For all other queries, please contact your new Relationship Management team in Asset Services:

At the end of the Transitional Period, AIB will no longer collect your payments and Asset Services will take over.   Asset Services will contact you following the expiry of the Transitional Period to confirm the date on which the Transitional Period expired and to provide you with appropriate instructions and contact details relating to future payments and servicing arrangements.

Should you have any queries which are not related to payments during the Transitional Period, please contact your new Relationship Management team in Asset Services at

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